Fujoshi Deka

I watched this a long time ago with my friend who is, really, a fujoshi.  Quite possibly fujoshi have always existed, much to the dismay of men, but it's something that sped up over the last twenty years, crossing over from Japan to other countries.  Apparently the use of the word fujoshi is complex.  But I would never use it pejoratively, despite what Wikipedia says.  People who call themselves fujoshi delight in it all.  I do like this description: Fujoshi enjoy imagining what it would be like if male characters from manga and anime, and occasionally real-life male performers as well, loved each other.

I happen to really like BL (boy's love) manga, and I've seen Junjo Romantica about 10 times, but I probably don't fall in the category of fujoshi.  Perhaps my like is too passive, I just enjoy reading a different flavor of love stories. 

Still, we both really enjoyed the sadly short Fujoshi Deka, starring Shinohara Mai as a policewoman and closet fujoshi, with Takahashi Hitomi as her mentor.  Shinohara, as the italicized line above shows, imagined BL relationships everywhere, and based all of her crime-solving theories on them.  Sadly, most of the time, the truth was much more mundane, but she more often than not was right about the villain.  We especially enjoyed the set Shinohara and her mentor used for the meetings, because my friend and I had dinner there once!  It's a princess-themed restaurant, my friend ordered a drink and it came in glass slipper. 

If you're a fujoshi, or at least friendly to the subject, this little show is a delight, and worth 5 stars, but if you're not, I think you should watch it at least once, though you won't find too much in terms of redeeming qualities (so it'd be a 3 star affair.)

Edit: If you are the kind of person mentioned in the previous paragraph, or what they call "curious" (a word that covers all sorts of behavior), you could do worse than checking out this blog.  Only, you know, not at work, probably.